The Los Peluditos de Ecuador Medical Project 2019

The Los Peluditos de Ecuador Medical Project 2019

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The IVAPM / eagle Y condor Los Peluditos de Ecuador Project – 2019

by: Dr. Beatriz Monteiro


A collaboration between the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) and Eagle Y Condor, a non-profit organization working for the welfare of animals and children, got together a team of 3 veterinarians and a veterinary technicians from the board of IVAPM as well as other 6 volunteers to provide medical services to over 270 dogs and cats from the regions of Otavalo and Karabuela in Ecuador from Feb 27th to March 1st.

Over the course of three days, the team was available to examine and treat, and vaccinate and deworm any dog or cat presented to the clinic. Vaccination for dogs included rabies, DHPP and bordetella. Vaccination for cats included rabies and Felocell. All dogs and cats were treated for internal and external parasites. Other services that were provided included wound management, treatment of dermatitis and euthanasia of severe cases of canine transmissible venereal tumors. Many bitches and cats were presented with their puppies and kittens, respectively and were examined and treated accordingly. Some of these bitches had low body condition score and the owners were advised on their proper management. The team even managed to neuter a few male cats in the middle of it all. 


Some dogs with long hair had severely matted hair that was quite dirty (especially in the back end!) and even got a new hair cut during their visit to the clinic! Other dogs would present themselves without their owners and would hang around all day with us. That might be because they were getting some treats and lots of love from the team 🙂

All owners left the clinic with a bag of food for their dog or cat, as well as a vaccination card. They were explained about the importance of vaccination and sterilization and were further educated on responsible pet ownership. 

The local TV even came to advertise the project and invite owners to bring their pets!

Despite the tiredness, the team was extremely satisfied with the work performed, but most of all, pleased with the positive interaction with the animals and the local population. Kids showed up in large numbers and would enjoy watching the procedures; although some of them were afraid of the needles and would close their eyes during injections. Some kids even got to play with the stethoscope and auscultate their own animals’ hearts! There was a strong sense of love from the owners towards the animals despite little financial resources to care for them.

The IVAPM and eagle Y condor are proud to have performed this project for the promotion of animal health and welfare in South America!

Dr Bea being interviewed by the local news

Dr. Beatriz P Monteiro Steagall is a veterinarian and PhD candidate who is on the Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire – Université de Montréal and also serves on the board of the IVAPM.


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