About eagleYcondor

About eagleYcondor


What's In a Name? Why eagleYcondor?

We have chosen a name which represents our purpose and the feeling behind the work we do in Ecuador. It is based on an ancient Incan proverb “the eagle and the condor” which has been interpreted to mean exactly what is in our hearts and minds.

“The eagle flies to the north in pursuit of matters of the mind; science, technology, medicine, innovation. The condor flies to the south in pursuit of matters of the heart; spirituality, love, nature, intuition.”

Only when the two fly together can the fullness of our existence be reached. According to the prophecy it is now the time for the two birds to fly together.

“If the Eagle and the Condor fly together in the same skies as equals, as they dance, play, laugh, and mate together, there is the possibility to restore balance to the planet.”

From the interpretation of the prophecy by Balance Edutainment



Our Mission

eagleYcondor unites veterinary and creative arts volunteers to bring animal healthcare and educational resources to children in Ecuador. Our culturally sensitive projects are designed to inspire and empower future generations to continue this transformative work.

Our Objectives

  1. To encourage and enable communities in Ecuador to improve the standards of health and education for their animals and children.
    1. Bring volunteers and supplies for ongoing projects.
    2. Develop and support existing educational & veterinary systems to promote change
    3. Provide continuing education opportunities for Ecuadorian veterinarians and teachers in the US
  2. To bring resources, skills and knowledge to animals in need, animal welfare foundations and community groups in Ecuador through volunteer projects and ongoing support.
    1. Work to decrease the number of preventable diseases and the population of unwanted dogs by visiting the same area year after year.
    2. Encourage children to grow up with respect for animals
    3. Inspire children to become veterinary professionals.
    4. Teach veterinarians to provide better anesthesia and pain management
  3. To provide ongoing creative arts education for the children of indigenous communities in Otavalo
    1. Bring bilingual creative arts teachers to offer vehicles for artistic expression to school children
    2. Educate local teachers about the value of arts integration into the curriculum for the development of the whole child
    3. Encourage children to pursue artistic outlets as they develop and mature
  4. To create and sustain avenues for volunteer veterinarians, technicians, teachers and other caring professionals to do this important transformative work.

Our Ecuador Community

A city in Ecuador

Otavalo is a town in the Andean highlands in the Imbabura province of northern Ecuador known for its indigenous craft markets. . Our work is centered in the Mojanda region; a beautiful area, surrounded by volcanos, rich with breathtaking landscapes, birds, plants and farm animals. It is inhabited by indigenous people of Quechuan descent and Ecuadorians of mixed European descent. The predominant language is Spanish. The people of Mojanda are extremely poor farmers, construction workers or craftsmen who work tirelessly to provide for their very large families.

Casa Mojanda Inn is a stunning Andean organic eco-farm and Inn in Otavalo, Ecuador. Casa Mojanda operates on a firm commitment to the principles and practices of eco-tourism and it was designed to have a minimally intrusive impact on local ecosystem and culture. Casa Mojanda has been the location for our volunteer housing, meals and transportation throughout many of our projects in the area.

Hacienda Loma Tika is located in the outskirts of Otavalo,in the
surroundings of the community of Carabuela,  about 10 minutes north from

the Otavalo city center, and the famous Crafts Market La Plaza de los Ponchos.  It is a perfect location to visit all of the must-see sit

es in the area, including Peguche waterfall,  the town of Cotacachi (famous for leather goods),  Cuicocha Lake, Iluma’n and Ibarra, the capital city of the province.  Angel and Jorge, our wonderful hosts, took care of our every need and we were captivated by the beautiful gardens and their personal touch during our visit.  Loma Tika has room for large and small groups and families.

Riolindo Coffee Lodge  was our home during our trip to the Intag region.  The Coffee Lodge is a few minutes from the town of Cuellaje, surrounded by spectacular native forest and acres of organic coffee.  It is the perfect place to begin your exploration of this beautiful region of Ecuador, and the coffee is only the beginning.



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